Breaking a World Record


Plug in Adventure breaks a Guinness World Record!

"Back in August 2018 I set out to break the world record for ‘The greatest distance covered on an electric bicycle in 12 hours’ and I am delighted to announce that this has now been officiated as a new Guinness World Record. The new record is 177.81 miles breaking the previous record by 67.21miles.

I had a team of people behind me to help make this possible, from the venue organiser, track measurement company, electric bike supplier, record attempt witnesses, supporters and then my phenomenal wife who organised all of these people while making sure my nutrition, hydration and motivation levels were at their peak. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. Without the team this record attempt would not have been possible.

As a massive advocate of sustainable transport and normally accustom to four wheels, I chose this record to promote the benefits of electric bikes (eBike) as an alternative to combustion engine vehicles for everyday commuting with the aim of reducing vehicle emissions in our towns and cities across the UK and beyond. eBike technology is growing at a rapid rate.

It seems like I cannot go a month without reading a story about a new ebike coming out or a bigger capacity battery being fitted, some of which are offering 60 miles of range like the Volt Pulse which I used myself. Hopefully by people seeing that an average cyclist like myself can take on a Guinness World Record using this technology and succeed, it can inspire them to consider an ebike and maybe switch their mode of transport for their daily commute.

It is no secret that ebikes can play a big part in helping to reduce emissions within our cities. With a high percentage of people having a commute of around 10miles a day in a combustion engine vehicle, and generally driving alone - an ebike is a perfect substitution. There are a whole host of health benefits associated to cycling regularly too like, improve cardio fitness, improved muscle strength and not to mention a decrease in overall stress levels from not sitting in traffic congestion each day.



Government statistics also estimate that air pollution in the UK reduces the life expectancy of every person by an average of 7 to 8 months. By switching to an ebike people can not only be improving their own health but contribute to protecting the health of others around them.

Once again a huge thank you to Grampian Transport Museum, Scarf Aberdeen, Volt Bikes and to everyone who helped supported me with this record attempt. Your support was exceptional and together we are all record breakers."



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