Help Plug in Adventure raise money for WWF Scotland.

As Chris drives his way across a third of the planet, using nothing but electricity and producing zero tailpipe emissions, he will be raising awareness for climate change and our environment, so what better charity to support than WWF Scotland.




Since the Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the Climate Change Act in 2009, we’ve been working to ensure the aims of reducing emissions from 1990 levels by 42% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050 are met.

With this world-leading legislation, and a strong commitment to climate justice, Scotland is continuing to tackle climate change head-on.

Whilst Scotland might be a relatively small player on the global stage, they can have global influence by showing the world that a greener, fairer future is possible.

Meeting the targets set in the Climate Change Act will be challenging. That’s why we’re working with politicians, the public and business to ensure that the Government delivers an ambitious climate action plan (the RPP3) so that we hit future targets, and crucially, realise the enormous benefits of a greener, zero-carbon Scotland.

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