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Founded by Chris Ramsey in 2011, Plug In Adventures was born from a combined passion for adventure and electric vehicles. Comprising a group of EV enthusiasts based in Scotland, its aim is to engage with the public in unique and different ways, championing all things EV-related.

“For most of my life I have been like a lot of guys, Ferrari posters on the wall as a child and a love for everything motor racing. So you might think it strange when I say ‘Once you have lived with an Electric Car for a few weeks, you will never go back’.

Well not really, my love for cars is stronger today than it has ever been, I just realised back in 2013 that the future of transport was changing and for the better. Electric cars offer you everything that a combustion engine car does, you just need to think different about range and refuelling.

When I first discovered the Nissan Leaf, I was hooked within a week with the smooth driving, and mainly the high torque. Being an electric motor these cars can really shift and be exciting to drive. After that my second passion of adventuring took over, especially once I discovered there where some 10,000 chargers in the UK.

My adventures in electric cars have ranged from Aberdeen to all 3 UK Capitals cities and back during a long weekend covering 1800miles, to myself and a friend Jonathan Porterfield of Eco-Crs.net setting a new (unofficial) UK record driving from John O’Groats to Lands End in 27hr 48mins. The charging infrastructure was so vast and reliable, that we turned around and drove straight back again, covering 1600miles in total in 56hrs. I have also driven from Edinburgh to Monte Carlo and back in just 60hrs in a first generation BMWi3, with another friend Terry Mohammed from BMM Energy Solutions.

I am often asked by friends and members of the public, when I am plugging in my car, “Are you not worried about running out of battery or not having enough to get home?” The simple answer is No…We are so preconditioned to fuelling once and seeing 300-400miles on a petrol gauge, that we believe this the only way to drive from A to B in a car. The vast majority of people’s commute is less than 60miles, including mine, so having a vast charging infrastructure and also the convenience of charging at home, it takes away any of the perceived stresses associated with owning an electric car.

I for one will never go back to owning a petrol or diesel car again, the cost savings I get plus the feeling of doing my little bit to support the reduction of transport pollution in Scotland, is more than enough for me. I urge more people to give electric a go, you never know you might just be surprised.”

Chris Ramsey



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